Compact Wheelchair Recliner

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To Bring Quality Products to Customers, we at REED UK place priority on close collaboration with our partners. 

Specialists in wheelchair dentistry equipment we provide compact wheelchair recliner platforms and full function platforms
   for special needs dentistry and bariatric patients,
 & mobile shifter bases for Belmont and A-dec dental chairs.

The remarkable compact wheelchair recliner by Design Specific for wheelchair dentistry and bariatric patients.

The patient remains in their own wheelchair thus eliminating the need for manual handling and the use of hoists, whilst giving the optimal angle for dental care treatment for the clinical team and a more dignified experience for the wheelchair patient.
Since its launch in 2009 the Compact wheelchair from Design Specific has become the number one choice for the NHS and community dental practices in the UK and across Euorpe.

This unique product has many features that enables it to satisfy the difficult requirements within special care dentistry.  




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